Prayers – Maunday Thursday

“It is not good for mankind to be alone” [Gen 2:18]


These words of yours O Lord God remind us first and foremost that you are a God of relationship.  We worship you today; One God yet three persons:  God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  Praising you for creating and setting in place the beautiful world around us which today we see bursting forth in splendour, vigour and wonder.  Worshipping you alone; putting you first in our lives and trusting you for your provision, healing, restoring and refreshing:  for our world, nation, your Church and for ourselves.


“It is not good for mankind to be alone”


Today we pray for all those facing separation from loved ones due to illness, isolation, treatment and infection.  Praying especially for our Prime Minister, all who work in healthcare, social care, the emergency services, community services and all ‘key workers’ at this time of increased need, stress and workload.  May your healing power, compassion and goodness be spread abroad for all you have made and all in need.  May all who cry out to you receive your help and restoration.


“It is not good for mankind to be alone”


Lord Jesus you who sat and ate the Last Supper with your disciples knowing the road of suffering, sacrifice and agony that was ahead of you.  Look with mercy we pray on your church and all peoples who are unable to meet together and who remain shut away in homes and lodgings to prevent further spread of disease.  May we journey with you, growing in our faith, trust and hope, each individually yet in fellowship together in and through your name Jesus Christ our Lord.


Jesus, you who washed your disciples’ feet at that last meal before your arrest and trial.  Show us each day we pray how to serve you, each other, our communities and neighbours so that your love and compassion may be seen through us today.


“Once again I look upon the cross where you died

I’m humbled by your mercy, and I’m broken inside

Once again I thank you

Once again I pour out my life.”


[from the song by Matt Redman ‘Once Again’]