Church WhatsApp Group Information

There are two Church WhatsApp Groups

Each group has a specific use – please read this page so you know what each one is for.

Church Information Group

  • Information from the Church about events
  • Links to Zoom meetings where email has somehow failed
  • Any formal Church business

Church Discussion Group

  • General discussion
  • Sharing funny photos etc
  • Wishing one another well
  • Anything informal
  • A means of starting a one-to-one chat

How to start a One-to-one Chat

  1. Find a comment from the person you wish to chat with
  2. Tap their name at the top of that comment
  3. Tap Message, voice call, or video call to start


T – is it True? Be aware if it is your opinion, others may beg to differ.
H – is it Helpful? There is always the need to make good connections with others.
I – is it Inspiring? If so, everyone can enjoy it.
N – is it Necessary? Some things are better left unsaid.
K – is it Kind? Consider your motivations before sending.


If you don’t get a reply straight away, it may be that others are busy, so please exercise patience.

Texts are easy to misinterpret, so if you feel unsure, ask the person to clarify their meaning before replying.

Anything you write will remain viewable to anyone in the group.