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To do with lockdown during the coronavirus crisis

Generous June – Going Forward

Here is a video by our Curate, Charles Burton and a few points of interest as we come to the end of the Generous June podcasts from the Diocese of Sheffield in conjunction with the Diocese of Winchester.


In Gratitude for our Living Church

Thanks to the wonderful things our clergy: John, Charles, Beth and Mark have done in finding new ways of keeping in touch and quickly learning how to make quality videos and upload them to YouTube so they can deliver meaningful sermons and prayers whilst the building has been closed.

There have never been so many regular attendees at evening prayers and prayer meetings since the church went online, and the quizzes have become very popular too. In short, we have stayed in touch as a community; and despite lockdown, there are now many more days of the week than before when we come together as a living church, thanks to their efforts.

Thanks to You All

Although I’m a relative newcomer to All Saints Church, I am currently the planned giving officer. With this in mind, and at the outset, I want to acknowledge with respect those who have contributed here for many years, so thanks for your generosity.

Love Changes Everything

Knowing that God is Love, and that love is our motivation to make this world a better place, it is by that love that the ways we behave are changed and we ourselves become transformed as we grow more like Christ, who gave everything out of love.

Therefore, I am not going to say that you should give money to support your church, instead, I hope that you will feel free to actively express your gratitude out of love.

Be Happy

I hope you will carefully consider what you give so that you are happy with your choices. It may be that over the last year your situation has changed and you need to adjust your Gift Aid status and/or wish to change the method or amount of your giving – up or down. If you use the weekly giving envelopes or pay by standing order, and your Gift Aid status changes, please let me know as soon as.

It’s your choice alone to make in my view, but please remember that when you give something, it makes you feel happier.

Hard Times

As you know, churches are facing hard times because services have been online, and there have been no weddings nor baptisms, and so the offertory plate has not been passed around for many weeks.

Other News

There is a new way to ensure the church continues: this is the Parish Giving Scheme. Put simply, if you donate to the church using this method, it’s very simple and you have more options.

The Parish Giving Scheme:

  • Collects the money from your bank
  • Sorts the gift-aid out
  • Transfers all of that back to this church of ours
  • Gives you two levels of confidentiality to choose from
  • Gives you the option to allow your donation to increase with annual inflation, so it remains in real terms as effective in the future.

It is easy to set up, and if you are interested, take look at the giving page on the website. There is a form lower down the page, with our church details already filled in, that you can print off, and post; or use the telephone number to make a call and set it up there and then.

Gift Aid – in case you didn’t know

This allows the church to collect a quarter extra on top of what you give and at no cost to you if you are eligible, that is, you are a UK tax-payer.

For example, if you pay tax, tick “allow Gift Aid” (whatever), and say, donate £10, the government adds £2.50, to this, making a total of £12.50 that comes to your church.

Thanks Again

I wish to thank you for your support for the church’s mission, by whatever means you give and in whatever ways you give: It is much appreciated by everyone else, myself included, as otherwise there might not even be a church here today to enrich all our lives. Of course, I donate too, as do our clergy and PCC members; I love being a part of this community and hope there will always be such an environment for others long after I’m gone.

As John and Charles both say, please get in touch if you know of anyone who needs help.

Further information, including download of the Parish Giving Scheme form.

Contact me about a change of status or to ask anything about giving to the Church.

Thanks for your support,

Mike Underwood – Planned Giving Officer