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Gift Day – Sunday 15th Nov


Dear All

Sunday May 17th was supposed to be our annual Gift Day when we ask everyone who associates themselves with Wath Parish Church to review their giving for the next 12 months, and make a one off gift to the ongoing work of the Church. 

Sadly May is long gone and so we designated November 15th as the new date, but as we now know it will not be possible to hold a service on that day, although Church will be open from 10 – 11am for private prayer.  But we still intend to have that date as our Gift Day for 2020.

You may ask, ‘what is the need for a Gift day’?  Well the answer is somewhat simple, things in life go up in price and rarely down, and this includes things related to Church.  So we need to increase our giving to stand still, but also to allow us to venture out and with God’s help to see Wath Church grow, particularly amongst the large group of young families that we regularly see though toddler group, Sunday School and Church services.  To this end we have made an application to the Diocese of Sheffield to employ a children’s, youth and family’s worker.  Over the next 4 years we will gradually increase the percentage of their salary that we will be paying, until in 2025 we will be paying 100% of it.  This is a decision that the whole of the PCC voted in favour of and was the decision behind holding an annual Gift Day.

It is worth noting that due to the circumstances of this current year we will be potentially running a deficit as a Church in excess of £7000.  We hope that our Gift Day will substantially reduce this. 

At this point it is tempting to give numerous facts and figures to ’encourage’ you to give, but I do not intend to do this, because hopefully all of us are united in this venture of trying to grow Wath Church so that it is here for future generations. 

If you do want to contribute towards our Gift Day, then there are numerous ways of doing this;

  • If you e mail me directly I can send you our Church Bank details & you can make a deposit under the heading Gift Day.
  • You could place your gift in an envelope & put it through my letter box or give it to someone to give to me or bring to Church.  Please mark the envelope Gift Day.
  • There are envelopes in Church [which allow you to Gift Aid your gift] into which you could put your gift, and give it to myself, Charles or one of the Church Wardens or put it on the plate.
  • You could give by ‘Contactless Giving’ which will be available in Church on Sunday.
  • You may not be a regular giver but want to start to do so.  In that case please see Mike Underwood our Giving Director and he will be thrilled to explain the various options open to you.
  • You may want to increase your weekly/monthly giving in whatever way that you presently give or give in a different way.  Please inform Jackie Oliver of any changes so that she can add them to the Gift day total.
  • A new way of giving we have introduced is to make an instant donation using a bank card or PayPal on this website.

You can enter the donation amount of your choice after clicking the button.

Or it may be that at this moment in time your need is greater than ours and you feel the need to reduce your giving, if that is the case then do not feel guilty about not contributing this year.  I pray that God will provide your every need and pour out his blessing upon you.

Please note that with the exception of our Treasurer Jackie Oliver no one knows who has given what, I make it a point of principle not to know.

Whatever you feel able to do this year can I thank you for your generous gifts in the past, and ask that you join with me in praying for the future work of God through All Saints.  We stand on the shoulders of those who have given in the past, and ultimately the future lies with us as the stewards of the present.


May God’s richest Blessing and protection be upon you.

Rev John Parker                Vicar


On behalf of;

Rev Charles Burton           Curate

Geoff Fellows                    Church Warden

Rachel Lewis                      Church Warden

Jackie Oliver                       Treasurer

Mike Underwood             Giving Director