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Easter Greetings from Gill

Easter Greetings from our Mothers' Union President, Gill

What a strange world it is at the moment! These days, weeks and months are unprecedented. We need to stay in to stay safe and help to fight the virus.  I am not used to being in the house for many hours. However, I must admit that there are many aspects of the enforced restrictions that I am enjoying. I am fortunate, I do realise, that I am ‘holed up’ with Geoff. We have quite a good system going….he works in the garden and I work inside! This means that the garden is looking really good and there are seedlings and plants being nurtured in and around. There are also several cupboards, windows and rooms that are cleaner than they have been for a long time!

One of the advantages of this enforced isolated time is that I am able to read and reflect on the many thoughts and readings that are being emailed, posted on line or in books. Each day I have been able to spend time, listening and joining in with Midday Prayers or reading the daily lectionary without rushing. I hope that you have had the opportunity to listen to Midday Prayers on Mothers’ Union Facebook page or watch and listen to Reverend Hilda Isaacson, our Chaplain, sharing reflections on the Sheffield Diocese Facebook page.

Our tidy garden 

I have also spent a lot of time on the phone. I try to phone people who go to my church and also phone Mothers’ Union members every day to see how they are. I know that Mothers’ Union members are very good at caring for others and this has become more evident during the past few weeks. A friendly phone call or a letter received lifts the spirit at any time but surely has a greater impact when the recipient is isolated, as at present. When I light my candle on Sunday evenings it is reassuring to know that there will be so many other Mothers’ Union members doing the same thing and saying the Mothers’ Union Prayer.

This Easter, although we will celebrate in a different way- at home and not in church, on our own and not with friends, the message is still the same. As the Archbishop of Canterbury has said: ‘We are in this together. Let us look after ourselves and our communities, gain courage from each other, and walk together in hope and faith.’

As it says in Psalm 46: ”God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble”

Happy Easter to you all!

Love from Gill- President.