Service for Sunday 9th Aug

Our preacher for today is Charles


Thanks to Steve and Glynne for our prayers which are shown below.


Let us pray through the Son to the Father, Lord of heaven and earth.

Keep your Church strong in the ways of Christ, resisting the temptation to accept false values. May your people in their generation be truly the children of wisdom.

Have pity on a world full of discontent, restless and finding no lasting satisfaction. Guide into the right way all who desire the good but have given way to evil.

Help us to discern and follow the right way in all our relationships. May the knowledge of your truth be known to this community. Give wisdom to those who hold responsibility in it and make them agents of your love.

Have mercy on those whose lives are weary and whose burdens are heavy. May they come to know the freedom of trust in Jesus Christ.

We pray for those bereaved in particular all those who have lost their lives as a result of the pandemic. For their families and friends. We pray for the NHS and for all carers. For the research scientists and laboratories searching for a vaccine.

Secure in the rest that Christ has given, we pray in his name. 


God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, We worship You alone.

We come to You in faith with a sincere heart knowing that You will listen to us and You will answer our prayers.


In the darkness, You are our Light,

In the storm, You are our Anchor

In the face of terrorism, You are our Shield of Faith

In our weakness, You are our Strength

In our grief, You are our Comfort

In our despair, You are our Hope

In our confusion, You are our Wisdom.

In times of uncertainty,

  When bombs explode,

      When there is sickness and plague

          When there are wars and famine

                   When the world is in uproar and confusion

You are the Rock on which we stand.

Heavenly Father look upon us in Mercy

 and revive our hearts to follow you in faith.


Lord in Your Mercy… Hear our prayer.


The Covid 19 pandemic has caused much suffering and going forward we are still confused. Instructions given for our safety are many and varied and the virus is still present and once again becoming stronger.  Please help all those caught up in hospitals and care homes and prepare them in the event of a second wave of mass infection.


We see and hear of riots and unrest in the world caused by injustice and inequality. There are those who are inciting this chaos to benefit from it and have no care for those involved. We feel powerless when nations are in uproar and governments fragment or disagree. When people commit suicide, banks collapse, businesses bankrupt and people lose their homes or have no food.

In these times of uncertainty and false news,

Open our eyes, tear away the veil of deception and lead us in the ways of Truth.


Lord Jesus, you said,

 “I will do whatever you ask in my name.”

As in the book of Daniel we see how his prayers saved his nation and Heaven was moved, we ask that you will bring us to your judgement … and as in the days of Daniel, may our prayers move Heaven to bring peace to our Nation and to the world.

 Father may we be so inspired by your Spirit that our hearts are flooded with your love, that the peace of the world will come in Your name.


Lord in Your Mercy … Hear our prayer.


You charged us to “tend and watch over” the earth so that every day we can enjoy the world you created. Your Majesty is everywhere we look, from the tiniest microscopic organism to the grandeur of the whale and elephant. From the highest mountains to the depths of the seas, your Divine nature is in the diversity of our world. Lord, we have not respected your beautiful Creation. Many of our plants and animals are in danger. The web of life is already torn.  

Extinction is a silent thing from which there is no return.


In a changing world where the focus is on material things, self-promotion and fame, you Heavenly Father are always the same. In Romans chapter 12, verse 2 we are assured that, unlike the culture around us, always dragging us down to its level…You bring out the best in us.


 You sent our Saviour Jesus so that we may come to know you. You are continually seeking after us You are Just and your Mercy is boundless. You are not only the Lord of our heart but also our decision- making, Not just on Sunday but every day.


Lord let me praise you “seven whole days, not one in seven.”

Lord in Your Mercy … Hear our prayer.

Other News

Church will continue to be open from 10-12 Sunday morning & 2-4 Wednesday afternoon, with appropriate Social distancing in place.


It is our intention to begin worship in Church again from September, with Morning Prayer on Sundays and Evening Prayer on Wednesdays, both set in the context of the Church being open for private prayer.  More information will follow.