Service for Sunday 7th Feb

Here is the service for today. Our speaker is Beth.

The reading is
Colossians Ch 1 v 15 – 20.

 The prayers are provided by Christine Druett.

Prayers for today

O Most Gracious God, grant us, in all our doubts and uncertainties during our present times, the grace to ask what you would like us to do, and the Spirit of Wisdom may save us from all false desires, and that in Your light we may find our way, and in your path may not stumble and fall.

O Most Gracious God, help us not to waste our time idly, or be impatient, but to cultivate and sow our time wisely in your work. Help us to bring the lost and lonely into a bright loving world in which You so dearly want us all to live.

O Most Gracious God, enable us to go forward with courage, determination, and a happy heart, knowing you are always with us where ever we go and whatever with do, we thank You.

O Most Gracious God, we pray for those who are suffering great hardship, financially, those in isolation or bereavement, the homeless, and the vulnerable from the very young to the very old, suffering abuse in all its forms. We may have dreams about a place where there are no tears, no death, no fear, no darkness, no insidious sin that stalks the world. These are our Hopes of Heaven, not the reality of the world in which we live.

O Most Gracious God, help us not to quit and give up, for the reward is just around the corner, in Heaven, a life ever after for having the belief, Hope and Faith in Your Son, Christ Jesus,  through whom we can find forgiveness, and through whom all things are possible, and we Thank You.

O Most Gracious God, we pray for our world and the resources that we all take for granted. Our world is becoming tired and battle-scarred through our lack of consideration and greed. We pray you give wisdom to the leaders of the world, to unite in the challenge against climate change, a very real threat to our ways of life across all countries. Help us to heal the wounds that we have inflicted upon the earth, as well as each other. Help us to spread the Word and the Love of God amongst all people.

O Most Gracious God, we thank You for all blessings you have given us in this world to thrive and survive. Help us to share and give freely to all who are in despair, hungry and cold, in need of compassion, shelter, clothing, food and love. We pray they find refuge and shelter in Your great Love.

O Most Gracious God, we thank You for Your Son Christ Jesus, who suffered,  died, and rose again,  and through whom all things are possible if we follow His Light.

This we ask in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost



Every Blessing