Service for Sunday 4th Oct

The link to this Sunday’s service is below. 


The readings are

Daniel Ch 6 v 1 – 23
1 John Ch 2 v 1-17

Other News

From Sunday October 4th we will be recommencing the 8.30am service, & the 9.30am service on Thursday.  The 10.30am service will continue as normal, but will revert to |Holy Communion on November 1st.

This coming Thursday will be Charles’ first Holy Communion service, if you are free to join us please do come along.

Our Annual Parish Church Meeting will take place after the service on November 1st at 11.45am, a booklet of reports will be produced shortly.  Please note this is for 2019 & will not include any discussions of the events of the past 10 months.

We will be having a Gift Day on Sunday November 15th, this is where we ask members of the Church to review their giving & to make a one off gift towards the ministry of the Church.  Like every Church these last 7 months have meant that we have had a reduced income, whilst our outgoings have remained static.


Every Blessing