Service for Sunday 31st Jan

Here is today’s service. The preacher is Rev John Parker.


The readings are:

Revelation Ch 12 v 1 – 5
Mark Ch 1 v 21 – 28

Below are our prayers from Steve Yerrell.

Church will be open from 10.30 – 11.30 am on Sunday.


Every Blessing



Everlasting God, thank you for welcoming us in love, hear us as we pray for the good of the church, the world, and all in need.

Faithful God, we thank you for our church and for all who confess thy name in your world.

God of every land and nation, you spoke your word and revealed the good news in Jesus Christ. We pray for our troubled world its people and leaders. We pray for those caught up in war and violence, hatred especially the innocent victims of these evils. May peace abound and righteousness flourish, that we may banish injustice and wrong. We pray for the ongoing fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic and for all governments and their health authorities that they take appropriate steps for the good of their people.

Abundant God, be with those of us that desire and need your restoration and healing. As we remember today all those who live in the depths of depression and mental illness. Today, we ask for your blessing and healing touch upon them especially for those affected by the Coronavirus.

Merciful God, your love reaches beyond the grave. At the end of our days on earth be with us and those we love. We remember before you the recently departed Ian Lanceley, Geoff Anderson, and Bill Hood. We pray for their families and friends. That your love supports them in their grief and that they may find solace in you.

Lord, we pray for ourselves; as we start the week ahead, we ask that in all we do, we walk more closely with you at our side; safe in the knowledge that your Fatherly love and care know no bounds.


Prayer for the Nation

Coronavirus: Archbishops invite the nation to pause, pray and remember 100,000 people ‘known to God and cherished by God’ every day at 6 pm.