Service for Sunday 28th June

Our Preacher for today is Beth.  Thank you.


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Today’s prayers were written by Glynne Lee.


Heavenly Father we thank you for your love, freely given to all who know you and confess your name. You hear our prayers, know the thoughts of our heart, and know all our needs. You have told us that you are one with all who speak your truth…”you in me and I in you”

Let us pray for unity.

In this worrying time when our normal way of life has changed so quickly and so radically, we thank you for the many wonderful examples of human kindness, of working together for one another.

Remembering especially those whom we usually take for granted. Our shop workers, refuse collectors, postal workers, lorry drivers, public transport workers and so many more.

We thank you, Father, for the unfailing care of our doctors and nurses and all those working as carers and we ask for recognition by Government for the exceptional work that they have done. With the still worrying threat of Coronavirus, we have learned to co-operate more with each other and are witnessing many acts of kindness.

Heavenly Father guide us in your ways of unity and co-operation.

Let us pray for Truth.

Thank you, Father, that during the time of lockdown You have shown us the impact Man has had on the environment. We have seen our planet begin to heal. The ozone layer is repairing itself, the air that we breathe has become less polluted and birds and animals are once again enjoying the peace of nature. We have seen the truth of our past actions and going forward we ask that you will direct us in ways to continue to care for ourselves and the place in which we live.

Heavenly Father guide us in your ways of truth and understanding.

Let us pray for Leadership.

We pray, Father, for the Leaders of the world. As the Pandemic delivered unprecedented problems not experienced before, we thank you for those who have advised our Government on how best to proceed. We pray that in trying to bring the world back to normal again and in lifting sanctions, opposing factions may work together in honesty and selflessness for the good of everyone.

Heavenly Father we bring before you the riots taking place at his time throughout the world. Please let the light of truth shine upon those leading and organising the people who are causing such harm and destruction. We thank you that the injured are cared for and ask that those in higher authority will protect those who are upholding the law from the rioters.

Heavenly Father guide us in your ways of good leadership.

Let us pray for Healing.

Father, many people have been physically and emotionally hurt by the riots this week because of their nationality, ethnicity or faith.

Peter said in his letter to the Galatians, “There is neither Jew nor Greek…neither slave nor free…for you are all one in Christ Jesus”. We pray, Father, that your healing is brought to this situation and enlightenment to those who are causing this unrest.

We pray Father for the families of all those who are ill with Covid-19 and those still ill in hospital. We pray too for those who are ill and known personally to us and for members of our church.

We look forward Father to the time when we can be together once again in church with our friends and the wider community.

Heavenly Father guide us in your ways of healing, show the pathway of kindness to all people.


Other News

Wath Parish Church will be open for the following hours;

Sunday 10 am – 12 noon

Wednesday 2 – 4 pm

Please note there will be certain restrictions, but both myself & Charles will be present.

I hope & pray that you are all well & are managing to keep in contact with others, via various means. 

Tomorrow there is Sunday Worship at 8.10 am on Radio 4, with John Bell of the Iona Community.

On BBC 1 Sunday Worship seems to have disappeared from the schedule!

Thankfully, Songs of Praise is still with us at 1.15 pm.

A range of services can be found via the St Peter’s link

Church of England virtual Services can be found here

Also, the Church of England has a free national phone line to provide a simple way that praise and worship can enter people’s homes.  Daily Hope, which is available, offers music, prayers and reflections as well as full worship services from the Church of England at the end of a telephone line.

The line – which is available 24 hours a day on 0800 804 8044 – has been set up particularly with those unable to join online church services during the period of restrictions in mind.

Evening Prayer will continue to be put on to our YOUTUBE channel on Monday & Wednesday evenings.     If anyone wants to join in then please contact me & I will print a copy off & deliver it, or send you one electronically.

Our Parish Prayer meeting will once again be held on this coming Tuesday at 2 pm, I will send out the link.  As before you can pray a pre-prepared prayer, read one you have found, or just enjoy listening, knowing that God is with us as we gather.  Please feel free to send in prayer requests to me.

We shall be holding another ‘Coffee & Quiz’ gathering on Thursday afternoon at 1.30 pm.   It is good to just see other people & to partake in a bit of fun & laughter. 

Once again, if you or anyone you know is in need please get in contact with me.


Every Blessing