Service for Sunday 27th Sept

Here is the service for today


This morning’s Readings are below; & our speaker is Beth with prayers from Christine Druett [below].

Ezekiel Ch 37 v 15 – end
1 John Ch 2 v 22 – end

This Wednesday Church will be open from 2 – 4 pm, with a service of Evening Prayer from 3.30 pm, which will also be posted online on our YouTube channel. This will be last time church is open on Wednesdays as things will change next month, please see below.

Please note that face masks are mandatory at our services.

We hope that these will be the beginnings of a move back to a service pattern similar to what we had pre lockdown.

There will still be a prayer meeting on Tuesdays at 2 pm & Coffee & Quiz on Thursdays at 1.30 pm.

We welcome Charles today who was ordained yesterday in Sheffield Cathedral.


Every Blessing



Today’s Prayers

Let Us Pray

Heavenly Father, hear our prayer. Help us to be wise and to understand your ways. Help us to do good with the humility that comes through learning, experience of life and deepening faith.

Life can be full of personal trials and events that drive us to the edge. Low times in our lives that can be truly difficult to bear and understand, especially through unprecedented times as now.

Heavenly Father, help us to grow and develop spiritually, and to know what it is you are trying to teach through your Son, Jesus Christ, as we journey along life`s path with Him beside us. Heavenly Father, we thank you for family, and friends here in your house, who we can turn to when troubled. Help us to be humble and kind-hearted towards each other, a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen.

Father Lord of All Creation Hear Our Prayer


Heavenly Father, during these testing times of feeling penned in, and restricted on our freedoms, let our minds wander to the raw rugged beauty of our home county of Yorkshire. Clouds passing idly by, casting moody shadows over the sun-kissed moors, hills and mountains, covered with purple heather. The trickling brooks and streams flowing steadily down the valleys to reach reservoirs full of water. All on our doorstep, our green and pleasant land. Heavenly Father, Lord of all Creation, we thank you for all this splendour, and for the reservoirs that hold our precious drinking water. We thank you for the people who work to maintain this precious resource, who ensure our water is pure and safe to drink. This precious gift born from the clouds, we take so much for granted, we thank you so very much.

Father Lord of All Creation Hear Our Prayer


Heavenly Father, we pray for those who are not so fortunate, who live in dry arid, or war-torn countries. Families who struggle from day to day for a mear bucket of water that is dirty and unsafe to drink. We pray for the little children who have no choice but drink it, because they thirst. We thank you, Father, for the charities and people at work, endeavouring to supply them with pure water, so vital for a healthy life, which we take so much for granted. Help us not to forget their plight, help us to show compassion toward our fellow man.

Father, Lord of All Creation Hear Our Prayer


We Pray for the people of California whose homes have been engulfed by wildfires. Vast swathes of forests and wildlife have been devoured by searing flames of fire.

We pray for the ones who have perished, we pray you to show your great compassion and mercy toward them and their families who have lost so much. Heavenly Father, we pray for the firefighters and other emergency services involved. We pray for all emergency services, all over the world. We pray you to give them strength and resilience as they face terrible dangers to save the lives of others.

Father Lord of All Creation Hear Our Prayer


Heavenly Father, whose love for all of us is beyond compare. Who wills us to give thanks for all things, to fear nothing but the loss of You, preserve us from worldly fears and anxieties. Heavenly Father, preserve us from the dark clouds of mortal life that would hide from us that love which is immortal, and which you gave unto us in your Son, Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for your Son Our, Lord and Saviour, bright shining as the sun, who reveals himself in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.

The Word of the Lord will live forever. May we understand Your Son more clearly, and love Him more dearly, day by day. Fore, here in the Power of Christ we stand.



Church Opening

As you may be aware services have begun again in Church, and there will be further opening next month. Below are details of how this will take place.

From Sunday, October 4th Holy Communion at 8.30 am will recommence, with Morning Prayer at 10.30 am continuing with singing from the choir [hopefully], accompanied by the organ. Sunday School will recommence also with parents encouraged to drop their children off at the St James room door at 10.3oam & collect them just after 11 am.

On Thursday, October 8th the 9.30 am Holy Communion service will restart in the main body of the Church.

From November 1st the 10.30 am service will revert to being a Holy Communion service [but without congregational singing, handshaking during the peace & only receiving bread at the altar]. We intend to utilize the Lady Chapel to enable us to accommodate people safely, and to allow us to worship whilst continuing to socially distance.

We will continue to enter and depart from different doors & to have hand sanitizer at both doors & in the St James room entrance.

I hope you are well & I look forward to seeing you when you feel it is safe to return. You continue to be in our prayers as the current situation continues.