Service for Sunday 19th July

Our Preacher for today is Rev. John Parker


This morning’s prayers are by Christine Druett.


In the power of the Spirit and in union with Christ let us pray to the Father.

Oh Glorious Father, we thank you for our precious world and everything it gives to us. The fruits of the tree and the wheat in the fields, the bountiful harvests that we richly enjoy.

Father, we have over the years selfishly treat the delicate balance of nature, the eco-system, in a promiscuous manner. At times plundering its resources for mankind’s own selfish gain.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the leaders of the world, for the individuals, and conservationists, who are undertaking the great challenge to protect our endangered animals, plants and vast forests, and reverse the tide of pollution and climate change.

Help us, heavenly Father, through your Grace, to love, cherish and value our beautiful world, as we do our families and friends. Help us to take better care of our world today, for the benefit of tomorrows children, so that they too can enjoy the fruits of the earth.

Lord in Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayer.


Oh Glorious Father, we thank you for Your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom Hope lives eternal. And whose light shone through unexpected people and places during the glorious month of June, long may it continue.

It is important for us to remember to keep our eyes and hearts open to people in great need, and to share. As Paul said, “whenever we have the opportunity we should do good to everyone.”

Glorious Father, help us to give more generously and love each other more deeply. Help us to live to please the Spirit, so we can harvest everlasting life from the Spirit.

Lord in Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayer.


Oh Glorious Father, fill us with greater understanding and tolerance of the diverse cultures, races, and religions within our country and the wider world. Help us to co-exist and live in harmony and peace. Help us to break down barriers of discrimination and inequality.

We pray that we respect one another, no matter the colour of our skin, as we all possess a beating heart and soul, and God loves us all equally. Our Lord Jesus Christ suffered and died to save ALL of us, not just the few.

Lord in Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayer.


Oh Glorious Father, help us to unite to defeat Covid19. The virus has no boundaries, it is affecting people all over the world.

We pray for the less fortunate countries that do not have health care systems that we are so fortunate to have in the western world. The virus is ravaging the most vulnerable, the young and old.

We pray and thank you for the health care professionals who are putting themselves at risk for the welfare of others in poorer countries.

Heavenly Father, we pray for those who bodies have succumbed and sadly died, because of Covid19. We pray for the families who have lost loved ones, and those who are still living in fear and isolation because of this invisible threat to life. We pray for our scientists who are endeavouring to find a vaccine.

Lord in Your Mercy, Hear our Prayer.


Oh Glorious Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, give us spiritual wisdom, love, joy, peace, and courage to go forward in your Son’s name, and to give generously to others. Help us to do good deeds. As Mother Theresa once said, ” we cannot all do great things, but we can all do small things with great love.” Heavenly Father, lowly and humble we come to thee.

We pray that our hearts be flooded with your love, and the light of our Saviour shines forth for all to see. Let our hearts be your home, as we trust in you. And may we have the knowledge to understand how deep and infinite your love is, for us.

Lord God, keep us safe, keep us faithful, keep us smiling. Help us to give time in our busy lives, to stand still and know that you are God. Here in your church, as one body, in the power of Christ, we stand.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and for evermore shall be.



Other News

I hope & pray that you are all well & are managing to keep in contact with others, via various means.

Tomorrow there is Sunday Worship at 8.10am on Radio 4.

Songs of Praise is with us at 1.15 pm, where Kate Bottley visits Eyam.

A range of services can be found via the St Peter’s link

Church of England virtual Services can be found here

Also, the Church of England has a free national phone line to provide a simple way that praise and worship can enter people’s homes.  Daily Hope, which is available, offers music, prayers and reflections as well as full worship services from the Church of England at the end of a telephone line.

The line – which is available 24 hours a day on 0800 804 8044 – has been set up particularly with those unable to join online church services during the period of restrictions in mind.

Evening Prayer will continue to be put on to our YOUTUBE channel on Monday & Wednesday evenings.     If anyone wants to join in then please contact me & I will print a copy off & deliver it, or send you one electronically.

During the month of August, Evening Prayer will only be on Wednesdays.

Our Parish Prayer meeting will once again be held on this coming Tuesday at 2 pm, I will send out the link.  As before you can pray a pre-prepared prayer, read one you have found, or just enjoy listening, knowing that God is with us as we gather.  Please feel free to send in prayer requests to me.

We shall be holding another ‘Coffee & Quiz’ gathering on Thursday afternoon at 1.30 pm.   It is good to just see other people & to partake in a bit of fun & laughter. 

Once again, if you or anyone you know is in need please get in contact with me.


Every Blessing