Service for Sunday 17th Jan

Here is today’s service:


Thanks to Josie Varney for the prayers for today.


Dear Lord Jesus

I bring our nation to you and I pray for divine protection, from this disease named Covid which is attacking the health of the people.  I ask for healing and deliverance for the nation.  Lord nothing is impossible to you, when this nation was at its darkest hour in World War 2 you rescued the army from the beaches of Dunkirk, and it was said it couldn’t be done.  But using an armada of little boats you enabled the people to be rescued off the beaches and to safety.  You used the King to call everyone to pray, and great and small alike humbled themselves and prayed for the nation and you saved it.  You stopped the enemy from wiping out the armed forces by making Hitler hold back the command to advance and take the beaches.  The sea was calm and the men escaped.

Lord give us faith like this once again to trust you when all that we know and love is collapsing around us, and give us strength regardless of what is thrown at us, to overcome, rejoice and appreciate what we have despite our trials.

Lord I ask that you will move in America and help the people at this time of such upheaval and I ask a protection over them from the enemy so that the country doesn’t fall into a civil war.  Lord I ask that you expose corruption and heal division within the nation, and regardless of what man wants you put in place the leadership you want which will benefit and look after the people of this country.