Service for Sunday 16th Aug

Our preacher for today is Charles

Thank you to Josie for our prayers:


Dear Lord Jesus, 2020 has been a very hard year for many and it’s shaken a lot of lives in regard to how we have done things.  It’s shown problems in our nation that have been covered up.  It’s shown us what is important and what isn’t.  Lord, we ask that you will help us to make the changes that we need to make, and to implement these changes into our lives.  Help us not to be materialistic and greedy but to appreciate the simple things in life.  We ask that we wouldn’t take people for granted and that we would rather accept and appreciate what you have given us.


We ask that you keep exposing hidden issues within our communities, and ask for help for those people who have been used as slaves, often under our own noses close to home.  We ask that you bring to justice the people who have treated these people so badly, and have used fear and intimidation to make money out of their hardship.


Lord will you comfort the people who are grieving and the ones who have lost their jobs at this time.  Guide our government to make the right choices for this nation, as we know if they make bad ones it impacts all of us from the rich to the poor in this country.


We ask Lord that you steer us in the right direction for our future and keep the government from making foolish decisions; please guide the ongoing negotiations with other countries.  Lord, we know you are streamlining this country and rebuilding what is broken, all we ask Lord is that you will help us to adjust to the new changes that are coming, not only in the church but also in the nation.


Church will continue to be open from 10-12 Sunday morning & 2-4 Wednesday afternoon, with appropriate Social distancing in place.

We are beginning worship in Church again from September, with said Morning Prayer on Sundays and said Evening Prayer on Wednesdays, both set in the context of the Church open for private prayer.  More information will follow.

Finally, please do be in touch with any prayer and other support needed.  God Bless you all.
Rev Charles Burton
Curate – Wath Parish Church