Service for Sunday 14th Feb

Here is the service for today.

Our preacher today is john.


Today’s reading is from Mark Ch 9 verses 2 – 9

Our prayers below are by Geoff.

The PCC earlier this week made the decision to continue to suspend worship for the rest of this month, & we will review that decision on March 1st.

Our advertisement has ‘gone live’ for our children’s  & families worker, & it can be viewed below.  Please pray that the right person comes forward to take up this post.

Every blessing


Intercessions for 14.2.21

Heavenly Father, as we come before you today, we give thanks for the diversity of peoples and cultures in our world.  Give us the desire to share our planet’s food and resources. Lord forgive us for not always being good stewards of your creation. Guide us towards clean energy and the prevention of global warming.

We remember the men, women and children who live in the midst of war and civil unrest thinking especially of the people of Myanmar. We pray for peace- peace in the world, peace in our nation, and peace among us.

Help us all to learn to accept each other, regardless of our differences, in a loving way: to be tolerant and treat each other in a kind, loving and gentle way. Help us to reconcile any hurt or malice we may have and to learn to love and respect one another regardless of race, creed, gender or views.

Lord, we pray for those who feel like they don’t quite fit in whether at school, work or in their families. We ask that they come to recognise how important they are and that it’s okay to be different because we are all made in the precious image of God and all have a role to play.  We remember all those who work in unjust conditions of employment, especially the men, women and children who have been trafficked and forced into slavery. Let us pray that they will find justice, freedom and compassion and support through work done through the Clewer Initiative.                                                                         

Lord, You welcomed children into your presence and you said that we must learn to be like them. We pray that all children may be loved and nurtured and allowed to grow in wisdom and confidence. We pray for families, in all forms and in all places, as they try to cope with life during this pandemic, often without enough food, money, time and resources. We pray for people who face the difficulties of unemployment, of furlough, for those who are poor or underprivileged. Thank you for the people who organise, volunteer or donate to our Foodbanks. We remember all those who are working to safeguard children and vulnerable people including Christine, our Safeguarding Officer, and others both in our church, our Diocese and Diocese across the world. We pray that they will identify the strategies and personnel that they need in order to ensure that children can grow up in a secure and loving environment. We pray for the work of the Mothers’ Union in our Diocese and across the world.                                                                                         

Lord, on this Valentine’s Day, when we are thinking about relationships, we thank you for our families, our friends and all whom we love. Help us to care for each other. We bring before you now those dear to us who need your help or comfort.

Lord, we pray for all who have come to the end of their earthly life, and for those whose lives feel empty without them.                   

Give comfort to the bereaved, and an everlasting peace to all who rest in your love.

As we start the week ahead and prepare to observe the Season of Lent, help us to make sensible decisions about how we are to do this. May we come closer to you and know your power in our lives.

All this we pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.