Service 6th Sunday of Easter

The reading for this morning’s sermon is Acts Chapter 17 verse 22  –  31 if you would like to follow it.

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The prayers for this Sunday have been prepared by Christine Druett, thank you. They are below.

Prayers for Intercession Sunday May 17th

From the rising of the Sun to its setting, let us pray to the Lord.

Lord God, Our Father in heaven, creator of all things, we thank you for the glory of the dawn as the sun lights up the sky, and the twitter of the dawn chorus that fills ours hearts with joy.

Lord God, we thank you for the seasons of Spring and Summer as our eyes behold the beauty and bounty of all things new.

We thank you for the abundance of food you set before us.     

Help us, O Lord, to pause and think as we feast at our tables, of the child who has no food, or water, or love; and of the homeless, who have no shelter which to call home or table at which to sit and eat.

For, where there is one child, one homeless person, there are many, not just in this country, but all over the world.

Lord God, glorious heavenly Father, we thank and praise you for the army of people who have marched out into the light, to show their tenacity and determination to help others in great need. The light shines through all who listen to your call. Their generosity of giving and compassion has been revealed to the whole country, and beyond, in many different ways.

Lord God, we praise and thank you, for creating us in your image, with emotions such as of love, understanding, compassion and empathy.

You know, Heavenly Father, that deep within each of us, is something You have sown, that makes each one of us unique in the ability to serve others in different ways.

We thank you, Father, for all the people who have come together for the greater good, here in our church, and across the wider world, your foot soldiers, doing your work and giving us Hope.

Heavenly Father, we pray for the caring people who are reaching out with their hearts to others who are in isolation, distress, grieving for the loss of a loved one, feeling alone and afraid.

We thank you, for the marvel of the internet. Like the roots of trees, spreading and binding together. Their leaves opening, like the pages of your Book, to reveal your glory and great love for all. They are illuminating Your Love and Word for all to reap.

Lord God, we pray and thank you for the givers of food, also the farmers of food, for the givers of understanding, of empathy, of caring, consoling and compassion. We thank you for the sewing bees, busy at their sewing machines; the writers who put pen to paper, to connect, comfort and reassure.

We pray for the friendships being forged, and for the fortitude of communities and individuals during this time of crisis.

Lord God, we pray for all your disciples, far and wide, who enrich the lives of others by spreading your Word, and the Good News, through the internet, keeping us all together as a family, encouraging all to come in from the dark, and teaching us of your great love and warmth for us all; endeavouring to show us the right path and to think more deeply about your bible, our actions, our deeds, our thoughts, and the effects we have on others.

Lord God, heavenly Father, we pray and thank you for the “UK Blessing”. All people, all cultures, all churches, raising their voices and reaching out. How fabulously uplifting for the soul! We thank you, Lord God, for them.

Almighty Caring God, we pray for the leaders of the world, that they will seize this opportunity during these unprecedented times of crisis that we are enduring, for the greater good of humanity and our precious Earth, both crying out for help. We pray, they all unite and come together, to lead us, with great resolve, for the sake of  Love, Life, and Peace.

Lord God, we thank you most of all for your Son, Jesus Christ, who suffered and died on the cross, so that we might live. For, without Him, we would have nothing.