Sermon – 3rd Sunday of Easter

Here is the sermon for Sunday 26th April 2020 and also some prayers.

Many thanks to Mark for putting together the 5 ‘videos’ that make up our worship.

The recordings can be played individually, or as a whole.  They are displayed in the order that it is intended that should be listened in.

Every Blessing



Here are the prayers for today from Betty Frost.

Loving Father we bring before you all our cares, anxieties and concerns in these very troubling times for the whole world.

Lord hear our prayer.


We thank you for this beautiful world & the wonders of your creation which we continue to spoil because of our selfishness & greed & the exploitation of the earth’s resources.  When we visit the supermarket, let us resolve to take only what we need  & be neither greedy or selfish.

Lord hear our prayer.


We pray for the world but particularly for our country as we face the challenge of the  Coronavirus outbreak. 

We pray for all who have been infected or have lost their lives as a result & ask for God’s blessing & comfort for their family & friends. We give thanks for all the goodness &  kindness for one another which has emerged to help those in need, particularly by members of this church & for John’s prayers. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for all those who put their health at risk for our benefit – employees of the NHS, Fire Service, Police, Pharmacies, Royal Mail, public service vehicle drivers, supermarket staff & delivery drivers, Banks & Post Offices.   

We pray for our Prime  Minister, his government, scientific & medical advisers, that they be granted the wisdom & courage to carry out all decisions necessary to rid us of this virus & that we all carry out the advice

Until we are able to meet in church, let us pray for one another, for our safety & for the world & put our trust in almighty God.

Lord hear our prayer


May God’ s healing grace pour over us all.


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  1. Mike Underwood

    I liked the format of the video playlist, as it felt like taking part in a service in Church.

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