photo of ratty

Letter from the Curate

I am amazed at how many times I spot Rats – Yes Rats – scurrying out of the often manicured shrubs and bushes that surround retail outlets such as supermarkets and fast food shops.  Quite shocking at first, but then you realise what easy pickings they must have, scavenging off discarded scraps of food near pavements and around the numerous bulging refuse carts.  However, it’s when these resourceful creatures venture into our back gardens that we often see red, and we decide enough is enough.  There again, our love of decking and bird feeders provides an easy menu and shelter for them!

This musing over Rats reminds me how Jesus taught His disciples not to worry about the necessities of life.  The same loving God who made the Rats – Yes the Rats – made us and values us far more than they.  He knows what we need and calls us to first seek Him, and then to trust that He will provide for our basic requirements for life.  [Luke 12]  Sometimes we might ask for more but God’s priority may just be to give us what is good for us, not necessarily what is for our pleasure.

Maybe we need less worry and more faith:  less striving and more seeking after His kingdom.

Here in the life of Wath Parish, once more the recruitment of a new Children and Families worker is under way.  To that end adverts are now circulating in media which you can see at – do spread the word amongst your own contacts who may be suitable and interested in applying.

Rev Charles Burton

Photo by Syl Pierce on Unsplash