Gardening Group 5th Sept

A big thanks to Rev. John Parker for helping to publicise the extra day’s gardening on Saturday 5th Sept.

Usually, the group meets fortnightly on Thursday mornings, but as there is a need for clearing some ground to sow wildflower meadow seeds along a 2-metre border before September ends, an extra day was called.

The two hours we worked produced another few metres of cleared soil, however, there is about five-times that area still to be cleared, so no doubt there will be some more days ahead called to try to get the job done soon.

Volunteers needed

If you think you have any time spare to help fill the churchyard with colour for next year’s spring and summer, why not come along and join in the fun.

You need to bring your own tools and gloves, maybe something to drink too. 

Gardening, in case you didn’t know, is good for your all-round health. I’ve heard it said that “you meet God in a garden”, so it makes sense to have a go, and there is no doubt that everyone enjoyed the pleasant company and went home happier today!

Watch this space!

There will be further notices going out by email and/or WhatsApp – usually a few days ahead of the next gardening group activity day – when it’s clear that the weather is forecast as dry.

Hope to see you there.


Kind regards, Rachel Lewis, Mike Underwood et al.