A letter from the Curate

During a walk this evening, I was sitting soaking up the last of the sunshine when I realised that all around me was what was essentially builders’ waste:  those things such as bricks, stone, sand and the like which were surplus to the job in hand and were not needed once the job was finished.  Of course, in the right hands, all these items would no doubt find a use and be fit for purpose; but here and now they lay abandoned and forgotten.

This got me pondering the word ‘waste’.  There is a verse in Isaiah 52:9 which says: ‘Break forth into joy, sing together, you waste places of Jerusalem:  for the Lord has comforted His people, He has redeemed Jerusalem.’

Many things that we may attach little value to, may be of great worth to someone else.  We may even sometimes not value ourselves and others correctly but when God looks at us He sees something precious which He has created and loves.  The great news which this passage points to is that God will make all things new.  Indeed the Christian hope which is available to all is that in and through God’s Son Jesus, one day a new heaven and a new earth will be ushered in when He returns.  So the good news for each of us is that even if others may not see anything special in us – God does, He places immense value on us and loves us beyond measure.

Rev Charles Burton