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A letter from the vicar or curate, taken from the Church magazine, every month.

Letter from the Curate Dec 2021

If ever we needed…it is now – today!

I wonder if like me, hearing so much in recent weeks about COP26 in Glasgow, you may have pondered these words above inserting the words ‘strong global leadership’ in the gaps.  That seems to be what we need in each of our countries as we face such huge climate challenges together.


Luke chapter 2 verse 11 says:  ‘Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you:  He is Christ the Lord.’


If ever we needed to hear these words of hope as we journey through this Advent,  and look to welcome in another Christmas, it is definitely now; today.  The world is in no better shape than when we last heard these words in the depths of lockdown festivities last year – as if we could forget!  Our recent Remembrance services reminded us that human relationships are still in a state of disrepair as we remember so many war zones and conflicts still going on around the world.  Covid certainly hasn’t disappeared and how careful do we all still have to be knowing the threat the virus still poses to us all.  Dare I say it, but we are also all a year older and some have some big birthdays to navigate – but we won’t talk about that!

What would it take each of us though to actually acknowledge our need of this Saviour who was foretold so long ago in Luke’s Gospel.  He came for just such as you and for me.  As we hear afresh the best news of the Saviour born for us this joyful season, would that He the Christ child, could actually fill the void in each of us.  Would that His deep love could be the first gift we open this Christmas 2021.

If ever we needed a Saviour; it is now – today!  Happy Christmas to you all!

Rev Charles Burton